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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition that could prove fatal, yet you’d never know you were at risk unless you have your blood pressure checked regularly. Don’t take any chances with blood pressure - call Paper Cranes Healthcare in Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona, and arrange to have your blood pressure measured. You could avoid a heart attack or a stroke by having this simple test, so call Paper Cranes Healthcare today or book an appointment online.

Hypertension Q & A

What is hypertension? 

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a secretive but potentially deadly condition that can lead to life-threatening emergencies like heart attack and stroke. Hypertension builds when the force of the blood inside your arteries reaches a dangerous level, where the pressure against the walls of the arteries is damaging them.

The reason hypertension is a secretive condition is that until you suffer a health crisis, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with your blood pressure. You can’t feel the narrowing arteries and the increasing pressure inside them, so having your blood pressure checked regularly at Paper Cranes Healthcare is essential.

How is hypertension diagnosed? 

Diagnosing hypertension only requires a simple blood pressure reading. It’s a test you’ve probably had before, as it’s a routine health check that most providers carry out regardless of the reason for your visit.

Your provider puts a blood pressure cuff around your upper arm. They inflate it to put pressure on the arteries, then measure the flow of blood. Your blood pressure reading has two elements. Systolic readings measure the pressure in the arteries when your heart’s beating. Diastolic readings measure the pressure in your arteries between each heartbeat.

A reading of 120 systolic and 80 diastolic or below indicates healthy blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure readings between 120 and 129 systolic with a diastolic pressure below 80 indicate you should take steps to reduce your blood pressure before it gets any worse.

Stage one hypertension readings are systolic pressure between 130 and 139 and diastolic pressure between 80 and 89. Stage two hypertension readings would be 140 or above systolic pressure and 90 or above diastolic.

If your blood pressure reaches 180 or above systolic and 120 or above diastolic, you’re in immediate danger of having a heart attack or stroke.

What causes hypertension?

There are two types of hypertension. Primary hypertension is a common consequence of getting older. Secondary hypertension can develop because of underlying health conditions like:

  • Kidney problems
  • Diabetes
  • Adrenal gland tumors
  • Thyroid malfunction
  • Congenital blood vessel problems
  • Sleep apnea

Illicit substances, such as cocaine and amphetamines, can cause secondary hypertension. So can some medications, including cold treatments and birth control pills. 

High blood pressure is far more likely to affect people who are:

  • Over 65
  • Of African descent
  • Overweight or obese
  • Not exercising enough
  • Tobacco smokers
  • Heavy drinkers
  • Affected by chronic stress
  • Pregnant
  • Eat a lot of fatty foods
  • Eat too much salt
  • Lacking potassium

People whose families have a history of hypertension are also more likely to develop the problem themselves.

The leading causes of hypertension are similar to the causes of high cholesterol - namely a high-fat diet, lack of exercise, and being overweight. If you have cholesterol and hypertension together, your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke increases significantly.

How is hypertension treated?

Lifestyle changes are crucial to managing high blood pressure. Paper Cranes Healthcare has a registered dietician on site who can help you with making healthier food choices, and the whole team can support you with weight loss, smoking cessation, reducing alcohol consumption, exercising safely, and managing stress.

You may still need to take blood pressure medications like beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, or calcium channel blockers for hypertension, at least until your blood pressure reaches a healthier level.

Call Paper Cranes Healthcare today to schedule a routine blood pressure test or book an appointment online.