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Health FACT or MYTH? Holiday Edition! Week 3

The Bottomless bowl experiment:

For this experiment, college students were invited to a soup lunch and told they could eat as much as they wanted! The only caveat: they couldn’t move the bowls.

Beind the scenes, researchers made sure that 1/2 of bowls were rigged up under the table to slowly self refill when they reached a certain level, but were discrete enough to keep the eater were unaware that the bowls were refilling.

The results? The diners with the refillable soup bowl ate 73% more soup than those with the regular bowls! Researchers also performed an exit survey - participants were also asked how hungry or full they were when they left. Even though they ate more soup, refillable bowl students stated they were still hungry even though there was still soup left in their bowl!
Grandma is probably not going to rig “bottomless bowl” at Thanksgiving this year; however, there often seems to be an endless supply of delicious food - something to keep in mind!
What's the take home holiday message? Begin practicing now! We can gauge physical hunger and fullness on a 0-10 scale and use this practice when we are enjoying our holiday meals. Don't go back and get more unless you're actually hungry for it!
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