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Health FACT or MYTH? Holiday Edition! Week 2

This week we're discussing another health tip! If food is further away from you physically, will you eat less of it? This is a FACT!
To support this fact, we look at a study done, called the Hershey Kiss Experiment. For this study, researchers placed a bowl of Hershey’s kisses in different jars and locations each week for 4 weeks.
Week 1: Clear jar on worker's desk
Week 2: Opaque jar on worker's desk
Week 3: Clear jar 6 feet away from worker's desk
Week 4: Opaque jar 6 feet away from worker's desk
So, what happened? The study showed that when the Hershey kisses were in the clear jar directly on their desk, they ate an average of 7.7 kisses per day! When the kisses were in an opaque jar 6 feet away, they ate significantly less! (3.1 kisses/day!)
Whats the take home holiday message? Only bring foods you want to eat more of (big salad bowl or roasted green beans) to the Holiday table, and leave heavier foods in the kitchen.
What about all that Halloween candy? Keep it in a difficult to reach, out of sight location to avoid over-doing it on the sweets!
For more help with healthy eating during the holidays, scheudle and appointment with our registered dietician, Lynn Lanza! Appointments can be scheduled online or via a phone call to the office!

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